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Фотография ag4 media facades
Описание - ag4 mediatecture company first developed the idea of a transparent media facade as early as 1992. in order to be able to realise this idea and put it into practice, led technology had to advance to satisfy the special requirements of a media facade. around the same time there was a rising demand for the number of projects requiring facades to act as communicative interfaces. ag4 thus increasingly faced the challenge of having to motor the development in this direction. however, it was to take eight years until the appropriate ideas could be put into practice and a further four years until the first project of a transparent media facade was realised. maintaining transparency while being able to medialise large areas in an economically viable way are parameters which guarantee the success of the transparent media facade. be it as stainless steel wire mesh or panels - compared to the standard led screen the transparent media facade is superior in terms of size, cost efficiency and possible fields of application. it does not matter where it is installed - it does not decrease the building's versatility or its utilisation. формат: 18,5 см х 23,5 см.